TAYLOR OWEN MASON - Mammal Strength


MEET TAYLOR @taylorowenmason:

An extreme adventurer and photographer from Wales, who likes to try his hand at some pretty unconventional but totally awesome challenges.

We’ve had ‘The Push’ and the ‘The Hammerton’…but now it’s time for something new.


Taylor is set to complete the world’s first half marathon with a yoke strapped to his back - to clarify, this is a whopping 60kg which he’ll be carrying whilst he jogs..walks..maybe even stumbles a little over 13 miles!

Crazy, right?! 🤷‍♂️

Maybe so, if he wasn’t doing this to raise money and awareness for a fantastic cause.

@surfersagaisnt is a top charity which aims to clean up the UK’s beautiful beaches, raise vital funds & create ocean activists out of us all.

If you’d like to actively support Taylor in his mission, you can cop yourself a pretty cool and totally sustainable tee from his online store, with the proceeds going towards this brilliant charity - and YES, of course he designed them all himself!

Donations: @surfersagainstsewage
Page: @ https://linktr.ee/TaylorOwenMason


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