Mammal Strength is a UK based weightlifting accessory company that specialises in super-sticky tape & gear. 

Follow us on our journey. 
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Mammal Strength is a premium weightlifting tape company, which has been designed by the everyday athlete, and made for the every-ONE athlete. The company has been specialising in its super-sticky hook-grip tape in the UK since the start of 2019. Now selling nationwide and through Europe, the tape has successfully been trialled and tested to ensure it saves and protects your hands, thumbs & fingers from the most enduring WODs. 
Born from a combined love of Weightlifting and Crossfit, Mammal Strength was designed and built around our thumb tape - all beginning in the middle of the Devon countryside, as one simple concept: finding your inner strength, finding your inner Mammal.
Supported by an exciting team of fitness Ambassadors, the Mammal Strength brand is expanding its outreach, and ambitions, with each day that passes.
Get ready, because we’re only just getting started.
But for now? Trust in the tape and find it within.